Project ONLUS

Our Mission: Optimization of Costs for the Common Good

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PAGES ITALIA® has always been close to the world of volunteering. The so-called Third Sector is a resource that cannot be ignored. We are aware of the importance for non-profit organizations to retain as much funding as possible, which they collect with great effort and commitment, and we are by their side to help them in reducing the costs they incur daily for carrying out their activities. In this way, they can have more resources to devote to their mission.

PAGES ITALIA® is committed to optimizing the costs of non-profit organizations in exchange for lower fees than those normally requested on the market (and in any case, only success fees, if we do not provide savings, we do not get paid).

Furthermore, in order to stimulate “fundraising” activities in favor of non-profit organizations, we have created a formula whereby a company supporting a particular non-profit organization can entrust us with the task of optimizing their costs or some of them, and we will allocate 20% of the fees we receive to that non-profit organization.

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