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PAGES Italia’s goal is to make machines more competitive in line with corporate strategies, supporting and guiding them. The measure of machine competitiveness is not only influenced by the lowest achievable purchase cost but also by other factors.
In the Chemical and Mechanical Engineering sectors, we are capable of assisting companies in optimizing the production costs of their products to the maximum extent and achieving extreme efficiency in their production and supply processes.
In a competitive market, increasingly global and constantly evolving, wise management of procurement, production, and distribution becomes a crucial lever to strengthen the competitiveness of manufacturing and service companies. Supply Chain Management is one of the pillars to remain competitive.
COST KILLING is dedicated to indirect costs and is a service designed for situations where it is necessary to minimize or eliminate cost items considered unnecessary. The action is carried out taking into account the goals set by the company and involves various activities.
The COST MANAGEMENT activity involves the continuous verification and monitoring of expenses, as well as identifying opportunities for savings within general or direct production cost categories.
Temporary Management or Fractional Management serves as a valuable alternative to the traditional consultancy approach and the use of internal managerial resources. Companies utilize it to enhance their existing managerial competencies.